Compostable Bag from Unicoop © Novamont Packaging
Because of their biological biodegradability, the use of bioplastics is especially popular in the packaging sector. The use of bioplastics for shopping bags is already very common. After their initial use they can be reused as bags for organic waste and then be composted. Trays and containers for fruit, vegetables, eggs and meat, bottles for soft drinks and dairy products and blister foils for fruit and vegetables are also already widely manufactured from bioplastics (more...)
Starch-based Forks © Novamont Catering products

Catering products belong to the group of perishable plastics. Disposable crockery and cutlery, as well as pots and bowls, pack foils for hamburgers and straws are being dumped after a single use, together with food-leftovers, forming huge amounts of waste, particularly at big events. The use of bioplastics offers significant advantages not only in an ecological sense but also in an economical sense (more...)

Mulch film © Novamont Agriculture and horticulture

Within the agricultural economy and the gardening sector mulch foils made of biodegradable material and flower pots made of decomposable bioplastics are predominantly used due to their adjustable lifespan and the fact that these materials do not leave residues in the soil. This helps reduce work and time (and thus cost) as these products can simply be left to decompose, after which they are ploughed in to the soil. Plant pots used for flowering and vegetable plants can be composted along with gardening and kitchen litter (more...)

Pills100 Medical Products
In comparison to packaging, catering or gardening sectors, the medical sector sets out completely different requirements with regards to products made of renewable and reabsorbing plastics. The highest possible qualitative standards have to be met and guaranteed, resulting in an extremely high costs, which sometimes exceed 1.000 Euro per kilo. The potential applications of biodegradable or reabsorbing bioplastics are manifold (more...)

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