Here you can find a choice of our technical equipment for processing bio-plastics.

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KraussMaffeiExtruder Detail der Heizung300



Processing possibilities

Injection molding machine

Arburg 420C-1000-250

Standard rod for tensile-, bending-, impacht- and notched bar impact testing. Standard small panel. Testing panel 60x60x2mm.

Locking force: 1000 kN

Bullet weight: 144g

Injection molding machine

Krauss Maffei KM 200-1000/390 CZ Multinject

2-components-injection molding.

2-Components machine

Immersion rim tool incl. machine equipment.

Locking force: 2000 kN

Foamed injection molding parts.

Bullet weight: ca. 500g / ca. 200g

Injection molding machine


Small testing rod, small parts.

Locking force: 60 kN

Bullet weight: ca. 6g

Twin-screw extruder

Leistritz ZSE 40GL-40D

Compounding of plastics and extender.

Screw Diameter: 40 mm

incl. side feeding and 2 gravimetric dosages made by K-Tron.

Melting filter

3-station degasification with vacuum

Laboratory-twin-screw extruder

Berstorff ZE25Ax40D UTX (Ultra Glide)

Mould validation, R&D tasks, formula R&D, general compounding tasks, small batch production and reactive extrusion.

Screw diameter: 25 mm

inkl. twin-rippled cooled side feeding SF25 and gravimetric dosages made by Scholz.

Fast optical valuation for extrusion processes. Fast sampling and change of screw configuration (Ultra Glide).

3-station degasification with vacuum

Drilled injection hole for liquids strand pelletising (Fa. IPS)

Rapid Prototyping

Stratasys Dimension Elite Waterworks

Functional prototypes

Dimensions: 200x200x300 mm

Resolution: 0,17 mm

Material: ABS

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